Our Ingredients




Environmental Impact: Ecologically conscious crickets offer 2x the protein of traditionally raised beef while producing a fraction of the greenhouse gases.


Invasive Asian Carp

Environmental Impact: Supports the Vulnerable Habitat of our Rivers, Lakes, and Streams by utilizing Invasive Asian Carp who deplete natural vegetation and crowd out Natural Inhabitants.


Invasive Green Crab

Environmental impact: Supports Vulnerable Coastal Shoreline Habitats by utilizing Invasive Green Crab who destroy natural vegetation and feed on Natural Inhabitants


Brewer's Dried Yeast

Nutritional purpose: Dried yeast is non-fermentative and made up of at least 40% protein. As a high-quality source of protein, it helps build and maintain your pet’s strong muscles. It’s also a rich source of B vitamins to help support your pet’s overall health.

Environmental impact: If source is from coor's brewery then may have an upcycling story (yeast which is left over from the brewing process and used in feed)


Canola Meal

Nutritional purpose: Canola meal is the ingredient left over after removing the oil from the seed. It’s a source of protein that’s rich in essential vitamins and minerals with an excellent amino acid profile to help build your pet’s muscles.


Dried Egg Product

Nutritional purpose: Egg product is the yolk and the white of the egg, without the shell. It is an is an excellent source of protein and essential amino acids that helps strengthen and maintain your pet’s muscles. It’s also a high-quality source of glucosamine for joint health and contains fats and fatty acids for skin and coat health.

Environmental impact: Depends on spec used. We have a cage free (4881)and organic spec (4889) we could use for environmental claims.


Pea Protein

Nutritional purpose: Pea protein is the concentrated, protein-rich part of the pea that helps strengthen and maintain your pet’s muscles. It’s also a great source of iron and lysine, which help support healthy muscle growth.

Environmental impact: See Grimm One Pager on legumes. Example concept: Pea's are a legume; legume's fix nitrogen to the soil whereas other vegetables may deplete nitrogen. Growing pea's can help leverage a healthy ecosystem.